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Financial Education: Children Should Start Saving!

“Growing up I had no financial education. I was never taught how to develop saving habits or to become entrepreneurial. Life challenges pushed me to learn the hard way. Is that the best way? The lack of financial education from the beginning (as a child) has had tremendous impact on my life. I was not able to make serious life decisions because I lacked the financial capacity to decide. Even when I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey, because of limited knowledge in financial management, I had a huge challenged managing my finances…” Desmund EGBE
Through Camer Human Capital (CHC) Ltd in partnership with Child & Youth Finance International (CYFI) movement, the CEO and other team members at CHC Ltd provided locally made piggy banks (wood boxes) to over 123 children (Form 1 & 2 students) at St. Therese Secondary School in Buea, Cameroon to celebrate the Global Money Week (GMW 2018). Children were coached and mentored on financial education and financial inclusions to enable them develop saving habits and to become entrepreneurial.

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