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Creativity and Innovation: Entrepreneurship for Youths

“When I reflect on the future of our graduates and youths, I bleed as their future is clouded with many uncertainties.I ask myself; will they be able to secure healthy and sustainable jobs? Do they have the right skills to be entrepreneurial? Will the public and private sector provide adequate jobs for them? I ponder! Hands-on human capital development is imperative for youths to acquire relevant livelihood skills to enable them secure jobs and to become entrepreneurial…” Desmund EGBE
As part of the Global Money Week 2018 in Cameroon, the CEO/Founder – Desmund EGBE of Camer Human Capital (CHC) Ltd, presented a talk on “Creativity and Innovation: Entrepreneurship for Youths” to over 327 students at the Higher Institute of Management Studies (HIMS,) Buea.  He discussed the nature of creativity and innovation and their role in entrepreneurship. He described the steps in the creative process and explained how entrepreneurs can enhance their own creativity, and identified the four major types of innovation. Additionally, he discussed some of the sources of innovation for entrepreneurs, and acknowledged some of the major myth and discussed the principles of innovation.

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