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Is Agriculture the Way Forward for Youths?

The young shall grow. However, in an environment that’s not enabling and scare foreign direct investors (FDIs), youths must take the bull by the horn to enable them to secure a healthy and sustainable future. No one can do it for you, only you can design the life you wish for yourself.

Despite the challenges that lie in our business environment, the agricultural sector still possesses tremendous opportunities for youths and women in particular to engaged and embarked on agricultural and agribusiness initiatives.

Now is the time, because the trees you see today, was planted by someone yesterday.

Having a strong conviction and primary objective to enhance Africa’s Human Capital (through #CamerHumanCapital Ltd) among youths, I participated during the #AfricanDevelopmentBank (AfDB) – Feed Africa Strategy: Agricultural Transformation in Africa for 2016-2025. It is evident that thanks to AfDB agricultural initiatives, the future is promising for those engaged and aspiring to enter the agricultural sector particularly youths and women.

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5 thoughts on “Is Agriculture the Way Forward for Youths?”

  1. Great. Hope is imperative to take our initiatives ahead. Be steadfast and play your role in the agricultural landscape.

  2. Agriculture is the backbone of many economies in Africa. We need to develop intensive mechanized agriculture in order to meet the demand of the world.

    1. I appreciate your thinking. Can you please tell me where I can get the smallest possible tilling machine? And the price if possible? Thanks.

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