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Investing in the Manufacturing of Garri!

The global business environment has evolved, thanks to advancement in information, communication and technology (ICT). It is a blessing for emerging economies like the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa). Looking at our economy it is a paradox as the economic climate seems to be blurry and clouded with intense bureaucracy.

Referring to an observational research findings, it is imperative to state that a cup of Garri when I was in primary school was approximately 15 to 25 Francs. Upon moving to secondary school (boarding school) I couldn’t carry enough Garri to school because the price increased to 50 Francs. Moreover, it is not up to 20 years the price of Garri has gone up to 100 Francs in rural areas and over 100 Francs in urban areas.

Based on the findings, it was revealed that majority of the Garri dealers who used to processed Garri locally are not engage in the activity anymore. This has reduced the number of Garri manufacturers and has led to an increased in price.

However, because of limited manufacturers and increased in the price of Garri, this provides a glorious business climate for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors. There are huge opportunities in the sector to serve local and international markets. Garri has gained importance and recognition as a delicacy in other countries through contemporary packaging strategies.

Do you think now is the right time to get engaged and invest in the manufacturing of Garri?

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