About CHC

Camer Human Capital (CHC) Ltd is a registered consultancy firm. CHC Ltd aims to strike out the “Diploma Disease” in Cameroon by changing the way people work, and how Human Capital (People, Role and Skill) is developed and managed in Cameroon. CHC Ltd works with students, youths and job seekers to map-out their career paths and prepare them for career opportunities through individual career coaching, training and mentoring. CHC Ltd strive to serve as a national and international authority in internship mediation.

CHC Ltd  also build the capacity of entrepreneurs through tailored sales & marketing and business development services for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs).

A shortage of the right talent is a top concern for business executiives in all industries and regions. Our deep experience, propriety tools, and focus on business, helps clients meet this challenge and turn Human Capital into a source of competitive advantage.


CHC Ltd helps clients shape talent strategies linked to business needs, understand workforce trends, develop great leaders, and build an excellent business function.


CHC Ltd seeks to build a reputation for developing young entrepreneurs and high-caliber candidates for employers, and working with them to develop their organizational capacity through corporate training, strategic planning, talent management and other related projects.

Aims and Objectives

  • To develop and manage Cameroon’s Human Capital

  • To shape the aptitude of Entrepreneurs

  • To enhance the capacity of SMEs

  • To foster Creativity and Innovation among Youths

  • To be the leading Career Development organization in Cameroon

  • To work with Job Seekers to map-out their career paths and prepare them for career opportunities

  • To position itself as a National and International consultant in Internship mediation

  • To train Sales & Marketing personnel

  • To provide clients with deeper insight into customers’ needs across multiple demographic segments


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